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i need help!

a client is asking me to initiate work before commencing the project in Upwork! I am attaching  screenshots as well 

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A general rule of thumb that I follow is do not conduct any work before the start of your contract.

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I also get asked by clients to send them videos for this and that to assess my editing skills before they initiate the contract. I do it. Is this beacuse we are new to Upwork? Can we do it without initiating the contract?

Hi Kaveri,


Thank you for your questions and I understand your concern on this matter. Many new freelancers on Upwork wonder how to deal with clients who request free samples to assess their skills. This is not a good practice or safe way to hire an editor as it can expose you to free work fraud or other scams. You should never agree to work for free without a contract. Instead, you can present them your portfolio, testimonials, or previous work samples that match their project. You can also describe your process and how you can ensure high-quality results. This way, you can show your professionalism and value without giving away your work for free. Also, if the client continues to request free samples, please use the 'Flag as Inappropriate' option on the job post or messages to report the client's activity. Our team will investigate further and take action on the client's account based on our internal guidelines. 


- Pradeep

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thanks guys .. flagging this account 

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