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new to upwork - had an interview 7-12-17 with **Edited for Community Guidelines** via Hangout(did not know to do it thru Upwork). Just got an offer for a job with the company.  How do I connect everything to Upworks, so that I do not get in any trouble. Client is sending check for me to purchase materials(software, supplies...etc) to do the job. Help!!! Don't want to set up things the wrong way.




The check will be fake OF COURSE.


Oldest and dumbest scam on the Internet.

You will be sending REAL money to the scammer (there is no job and no equipment, the people you're supposed to buy the stuff from is the scammer himself) and ater 2-3 weeks the banks take the money for the fake check back and you'll be out of pocket to the tune of on average $ 3000.


NOBODY has EVER been sent a real check by a stranger on the Internet.


Oh and accepting ANY money (fake or real) outside the platform is a violation of the terms of service.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Joan,


You'll notice that the invite had already been archived. That's because the job was removed as inappropriate. Please, note that offering and accepting payments outside of Upwork is against the ToS. Check out this post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs.

~ Valeria

Joan, welcome to Upwork.


You could have your Upwork account suspended for what you did. Because you are a newbie, I don't think that will happen. Just don't do it again.


Until you become more established, do not look at or respond to any invitations you receive from out of the blue. Communicate only with clients whose jobs you carefully selected and send job proposals to.


If you see any mention of Google hangouts, then immediately stop communicating with that person.