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job posts with no activity?

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Benjamin S Member Since: Oct 20, 2016
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Hi! So, I believe I've completed my profile to the best of my ability. I'm worried maybe I present a little young in my profile picture but is the most professional recent picture of me, and look very UNprofessional when I have a beard. I'm currently applying to jobs on several different sites, and get the odd job from someone I've worked with in the past so I kind of have to deal with the state of my feedback/upwork hours.

I've been applying to about 5 jobs per day until I run out of credits. In the in between periods, I go back and withdraw the old proposals that I've made. I noticed that many of them don't have any interviews or hires. I'm not so bummed about not getting notified I wasn't hired from a job post if many people applied to it, but it seems like many of them have no activity. At all.

I know that my animation work is on the weird side, and might not be the best fit for "explainer video" type jobs I might apply for, but I usually try to link to applicable work where possible, for example if I'm applying for someone's kickstarter video I have a kickstarter video I've done. All that being said I have a master's degree, and though weird, I'm confident that my work is professional looking. 

I guess my question is ultimately, is there any way to follow up with an unresponsive client? Can I apply again when I withdraw? Does it help to withdraw with a detailed message like "I'm sorry, but please contact me by the following methods if you'd still like to continue this project" etc? 

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Nia G Member Since: May 3, 2016
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My advice is not to worry about it. I don't withdraw inactive proposals because, it has been my experience that, even after a long time, some clients come back and interview/hire.


If a job stays inactive, it's not because a client has somehow forgotten that they have a job open. Either they will come back to it later (and potentially contact you) or they aren't worried about hiring anymore. Contacting them again won't help if they aren't ready to hire at that point or if they no longer plan to hire. That's why 
I just leave my proposals alone. Anyway, it frees up more time to look for new, active job listings. 

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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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You don't need to withdraw your proposals. After a certain length of time of client inactivity, jobs are automatically closed by Upwork and will disappear from your proposals section. Upwork says that after 1 month of client inactivity they automatically close, but I've had jobs open up to 2 months But eventually they will close.


Also, withdrawing your proposal will not get you your connects back. That only happens if the Client closes the job without hiring anyone or if the job is deleted by Upwork because it violates Upwork's TOS. So you aren't really gaining anything by withdrawing your proposal.



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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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I never look back at my unanswered proposals.  Waste of time.  The job may have been filled in-house or on another site or become irrelevant or too expensive for the client.  Keep moving forward and forget about the rest.

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Benjamin S Member Since: Oct 20, 2016
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Thanks for the responses (to everyone else as well). I wasn't trying to argue that getting rid of old proposals was good or that I thought it would get me connects back, just a thing I've done in the past.