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job sucess score

Ace Contributor
Dalia G Member Since: Dec 11, 2018
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ii want to know plz why my job sucess score is 88 when i have 3 job 5 star and 1 job  4.4 which i refunded

Community Guru
Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Refunds don't remove the JSS calculation. Just the stars.

Ace Contributor
Dalia G Member Since: Dec 11, 2018
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I need to know what affects the score?only feedback or something else?

Community Guru
Will L Member Since: Jul 9, 2015
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No one who posts on this blog knows precisely how the JSS is calculated. 


There is at least one major hidden factor - private feedback from clients. It is likely never substantially higher than public feedback, but there is general agreement it can be substantially lower than public feedback (or even highly negative when the public feedback is highly positive).


This subject has been covered ad nauseum on this board. You can easily find many threads with "JSS" and "Job Success Score" and "feedbback" if you search this board. There isn't anything new to say on the subject.