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late contract and not activated time tracker

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Edgar E Member Since: Jul 7, 2019
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I'm new to Upwork.  First, I received a job offer and started receiving documents from client.  I started woking on the project for almost 3 hours when I found out that I have not yet given a contract to proceewd with the work. Eventually, I was given a contract.  however time of project was a bit earlier from the time of receipt of contract. Second, excited to work on my first project, I was not able to download the time tracker, therefore, I was already working on the project woith the time tracker.  The client was very kind to set the time to manual.  Being new to upwork, I feel that I am doing a dis service to the client by not being able to have the time I logged doing the project objectively.  Third, I was finding it difficult to make notes on my work progress and was not able to log diary of progress?  How do I go about this.  Fourth, I requested client to adjust rate from hourly to fixed rate.  I computed the hours I worked on the project plus estimated the additional time I need to work and pace myself to complete the project.  I donot know how the client felt.  I am writing to ask assistance and guidance from you and learn from this experience.  Thank you


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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Edgar E wrote:

  I donot know how the client felt.


The client is likely losing the will to live and is wishing he'd hired a professional


The above perfectly demonstrates why people should educate themselves how the site works before jumping oin making a mess of things.


1. The offer, once accepted, forms the contract.

2) It takes literally a minute to download the app.

3) It is impossible to change an hourly contract to fixed rate


Edgar E wrote:

I am writing to ask assistance and guidance from you


Add your previous hours as manual time and use the tracker for the rest.

Then do not apply for or accept any more work until you have read and understood all the material here.