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new at paid terms options

Hi there..I just want to ask about the by milestone and by project terms..I would like to submit a proposal to a client and those options showed up..the job is an administrative assistant position and I don't know how to provide an offer here..can you please help..I am new in this..TIA


"By Project" simply means you're setting the rate you expect when the work is done. The client would then effectively set the milestones. 

"By Milestone" means that you set up various milestones, which, once completed, they would have to pay you. This allows you to set the payment terms. 

But as an admin assistant, it's strange that they put it in at fixed rate. I would possibly consider asking about going hourly instead. 

Thank you for your response.

I am so confused about it..the client should just ask for hourly terms..anyway, I just select by project and if I get to be interviewed I will definitely talk to him about it..

Thanks again.. 

Okay.... Maureen:

There are two main contract models in Upwork.


hourly and fixed-price


Some freelancers ONLY do hourly contracts.

Some freelancers ONLY do fixed-price contracts.

Some freelancers do both.


It's up to you want to do.


If you are comfortable with hourly contracts, then just work on hourly contracts.


You ARE allowed to apply to fixed-price job postings and ask the client to use an hourly contract. I often do that.


If you don't understand how fixed-price contracts work, then don't accept a fixed-price job. The fixed-price contract model is much more complicated than the hourly, and there is much that can go wrong.

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