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no amount showing in recent trasaction

i recently completed an hourly job but i cannot see the amount being transacted ? why is that does that mean that the client hasnt paid for the job? if yes then what am i supposed to do now?

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it would be best if you waited until the client approves it. you may drop a follow-up text after some time if he/she doesn't respond to the submitted work.

do you possibly know where's the oprion for the client to approve the hourly paid project? i told him he has to approve the projecct but he said that he couldn't find the option also the job is not showing up on my profile, i have contacted upwork support regarding that but theres still no reply from them.

Hi Neha,


Clients do not need to click any option to approve the hourly project payment. Payments on the hourly contracts are automatically processed as per the weekly billing cycle. They just need to make sure they have an active card on their Upwork account so that we can charge them every week for the logged hours. Feel free to message us if you need further assistance.


- Pradeep

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