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one time bonus connects

i have recently been credited with 30 connects as a bonus. can anyone tell me what is the time limit of these connects? my current billing cycle is 31st Jan. can it be rollover next month ?

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If they were given to you for Rising Talent, then they do not rollover. I don't know for sure, though, if they give you a full month to spend them, or if they cut them off after your new billing cycle (if that billing cycle occurs before you would have had the free connects for full month), and I think this is a good question.

I'm sure someone else will be along who knows more than I do. I have read multiple times that they will not rollover, so I thought I would share that with you.

i have been given for rising talent.

I know that they don't rollover after a month for certain, but if your billing cycle comes before that month... I don't know. I highly doubt it. Use em up. 🙂

Hopefully someone who is sure of this will chime in. I'm only commenting again to try to give you more visibility here so someone can give you a firm response.
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Hi Ms, The 30 connects you received is a one-time bonus for you to submit more proposal to clients as one of the Perks as a Rising Talent. Learn more about how the connects are being refreshed every month on this link.

~ Jo-An


But my question is different. I just want to know the expiry date of my bonus connects only not my monthly free connects.

I received my bonus connects on 13th January. Will it last long till 13th February??

Hi Ms,

Yes that is correct, once your billing cycle is reached you will have 60 connects. Rollover option is available only on our Plus membership plan, if you have connects left from the past month they will be rolled over in the next one.

~ Goran
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