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I have joined Upwork as a freelance writer. I am wondering how much of a project to include in my portfolio. For example, I have articles published in magazines. I have scanned the articles. Some are in multiple pages along with ads on the pages. I have saved the scanned articles as jpegs and can, therefore, download the entire article. Should I include a description of the article along with the jpeg, or just a description of the article, or just the article? An example is an article I did on Amazing Alpacas which I have downloaded in my portfolio. It is multiple pages, includes photos I took, and ads that appeared in the magazine. How should I proceed?

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I would suggest using an image that shows where the articles were published and a description of the article. If possible, add a reference to the article

Thanks so much for your reply. I thought it would be a benefit to display enough of each article as examples of my writing. And the subjects are varied enough to show my ability to write about differing, unrelated subjects. Isn’t that important?
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Hi Susan, 

How you want to display your portfolio will be up to you. I have searched for Upwork blog topics on how you can make use of your portfolio section better, and you may want to check out the blog posts here. You may also want to read up on this help article to know more about enhancing your profile.

Hopefully, other freelancers in the same job category as you will share their expert tips!

~ Avery
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