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proposal doesn't show to client

I created my account recently and applied for various jobs spent almost all of my connects but not a single client even response to my proposals I wonder why is this happen, then i realise that my proposals doesn't show up to client as i recently applied for a job and i was the first one to apply for that job, but some how some time later the job activity section was like "unanswered proposals" = 0 , and it doesn't my propsal.

is there any solution?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sajjad, 


I checked your account and confirm that your potential clients received your proposal. I also checked the job posts, and it sounds like you're referring to "Unanswered Invites" on the "Activity on this job" section of a job. Clients send out invites to freelancers to invite them to send a proposal for their job post. This specific section of the job post displays how many invitations were not responded to by freelancers. 

I hope that clarifies it. Let us know if you have other questions!

~ Avery
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Thanks for the clarification I was assuming that I wasn't showing up to them but that lets me wonder why I haven't picked up by them.

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You can rest assured that upwork does not hide your proposals from clients. 

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New to the platform myself, so share the freustration that you have. 


I would suggest since your new do the Upwork Readiness test to get more connects back. 


Also make a point to hand type a connect asking the client for an interview to see if you guys are a fit for the project. 


Reply will still be delayed but it would be using connects wisely. 


Hope you found this helpful,  Thank You 

Thanks for the advice next time I will make sure to do that.

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