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Re: "Activity on this job"

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Susan D Member Since: Aug 11, 2018
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Hi, I'm new to Upwork. My question is about jobs for which I have submitted proposals. If one views the screen with the details about a particular job in one's proposal queue, one sees an area that shows, "Activity on this job" and another area that shows payment verification, client location and information on that client's number of postings, percent hire rate, and number of open jobs. OK. I am looking at that screen now and can't make sense of something. In the "Activity on this job" area, it states, "Hires: 1" and "Interviewing: 0". However, in the other area it states, "1 job posted," "0% hire rate," and "1 open job." (see attached screen grab.) Am I incorrect in thinking that the information given in the two areas does not jive? Has a freelancer been hired for this job, or not? I hope my question is clear. Thanks for any information!

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Sagar S Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Hi Susan, 

Let me help to understand that puzzle. Well, the client posted only 1 job and has a 0%  hire rate. But for this particular job, it shows he/she hired 1, but interviewed 0. Right?


It means, for this particular job, he/she actually hired 1. But as he only hired one and the job is not completed fully or partially (Partially means the client didn't release any milestone yet), so Upwork will not calculate this is a successful hire and therefore the hire rate is 0%. Once any single milestone will be released by the client, the score will be 100% then (1 job post, 1 hire=100%). Make sense?

Now "hires1, interviewing 0" means the client reviews proposals from the freelancers and sent one of them a job offer without asking him/her any question. So 0 interview, 1 hire.


Hope it helps.





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Susan D Member Since: Aug 11, 2018
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Thanks very much, Sagar!

My confusion is all cleared up!