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strange intructions from the client


I am a new freelancer here; i came across two job offers which i think were a bit strange concerning the instruction I need to follow if I want to submit my proposal. the first one was last week, the client on his/her post required that I need to end my application with kiss emoji, cat and dog, and rainbow emoji. The second one was a few hours ago, the client required that I need to write "cupcake" at the beginning of my application. Are these normal? I am interested in the job offers but I feel a bit scared what hides behind the "special requirement". or do you think I shouldn't worry about that ? 

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Most people put those types of requests to prove that you've actually read the entire post.

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These types of requests are common.


Clients want a simple demonstration that you read their job post and are not blindly applying to jobs.

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Thank you for the replies.

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