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suffering to be Hired for the first time

I am suffering to be Hired for the first time, I have completed my profile. I also submitted many proposals but did not get a reply from any client. 

How many proposals should I submit in a day or week to get a job?

Suggest to me If I have to do any changes to my profile.


Thanks in advance,



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First off, this question has been asked and ansered a 1000x's before. As your title is a "full stack web developer", have you used your web skills to search these forums?


If I were looking to hire you, this sentence in your profile would be a giant red flag and I'd move on:


expert since 2017 and completed over 742 web projects of 572 clients at various marketplaces


That's around 150 projects per year for the last 5 years. And over over 100+ different clients per year over the same time span. These numbers do not even come close to passing the litumus test.


I would recommend you go through this forum and review what's been said many times over. Then I would spend some time and write up a profile with numbers that accurately reflect what you've accomplished. Better yet, include what you've been able to accomplish; numbers are meaningless without any real context.

Thank you, Kindler C, for the suggestion. It was a mistake and I have changed it to the real number. 
Is there anything I should change? I would like to hear more suggestions from you.

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Hey Md, please shorten your Summary in half and create a professional cover letter.  Thanks!

Hello William, thank you for your Suggestion.

I am working on it, I am trying to write a smaller cover letter with the required information.

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You can add some of your best works in to the upwork portfolio. Then try to add your previous works as an attachements with  your proposals with a great cover letter.Best of luck. You will gain it soon.

Hello Reshmi, thanks for your suggestion.

1. I have added around 10 portfolios. Should I add more? If yes, How many?

2. Yeah, I will give my best in my client project. I have a question, Should my proposals be long or short? 

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