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unable to set company logo as a profile picture

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Fora S Member Since: Feb 12, 2018
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We have created our company profile and trying to set company logo as profile picture but getting an error unable to detect a face. Could anyone help how to set company logo as profile picture instead of personal image. 



Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Fora, 

I wanted to check if you or your friend created an agency? You should be able to upload the logo in the agency profile. I checked your account and do not see any agency information in it. Will you please send me a private agency with the link to the agency so that I can check. Thank you!

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Jessica T Member Since: Jan 12, 2019
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Am I able to upload my company logo to my individual profile? Or do I have to had created an agency with another individual freelancer account to be able to have a company logo?

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Jessica T Member Since: Jan 12, 2019
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Thank you for the information! I was wondering how am I able to change the contry of my accout then. Can I have my address changed to China?

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Jessica,


Please note that your profile must represent you as an individual, not a company and that all the information in your profile including your name, location, and profile photo needs to be accurate and truthful.

You are able to create an Agency account on your existing Freelancer account and add your Company logo to it as explained in this help article.

Please confirm if you are located in China so that we can further assist you from our end.

Thank you.

~ Bojan