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unregulated "New to Upwork" section is disservice to freelancers

Does anybody want to talk about this?


I believe that the Upwork Community Forum is one of the greatest, most useful company-specific forums hosted by any company in the world. It's not meant to compete with social media site like Reddit or Vero or Facebook of course...

But for a corporate forum talking about a specific company's product line... It's pretty impressive.



The "New to Upwork" section...


It appears to me that it has become a largely unregulated, unstructured freeforall.

And because of this, I think think it is a disservice to new freelancers.

A new freelancer who logically sees the "New to Upwork" section title and goes into that section sees an endless list of threads in which freelancers introduce themselves or promote themselves or say they need work.


And maybe they think that they need to do the same. So it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.

These threads provide no value to anybody. They waste the time of new freelancers. I believe they may give freelancers a false sense of having accomplished something useful or important. And they essentually render the "New to Upwork" section useless. Any real questions or issues posted there are lost amid all the single-post "introduction" threads.

I believe that an aggressive clean-up of the "New to Upwork" section would restore it to useful status. If every single "Hi I'm New Here" post was merged into a single thread, and every repetitive "please give me work" thread was similarly merged... I think that freelancers would be less likely to create their own repetitive, pointless threads.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, Preston. 

I'll make sure to share this with the team so that we can find ways on improving this section of the Community. 

~ Avery
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100% agree with Preston. 


In my opinion, over the last few months, there seems to be an awful lot of posts about scams, fraud, and filing disputes. Which is due to not reading or fully understanding Upwork TOS. I think if there was a way that all other areas of the community were blocked to new freelancers and / or new clients until they have read and passed a quiz on the TOS would hopefully decrease the number of these types of posts. New Clients should have to start there as well. The more clients and freelancers that understand the TOS and abide by them will not only help them but I believe it would help Upwork customer service as well.  

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Absolutely agree, Preston.


I used to make an effort to answer questions there because the forum was so useful to me when I joined Upwork and I wanted to give something back. Now, I can barely stand to look at that section. For the love of all that is useful, someone please implement some rules!

Hi Liz,


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I see that Avery has already shared this with the relevant team.


Thank you,


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Agree with Preston. 100%. Also, the blog section has been a spamfest of ChatGPT content, even from freelancers with over 300K earnings.

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I agree 100%. The problem started on the exact same day that the community badges were introduced; suddenly there was a flood of "I'm new here" posts, one after another, every few seconds, and it hasn't stopped since then.


Apparently, whenever a new freelancer joins Upwork, they're being sent an email saying that the "first step" is to introduce yourself in the forum (one freelancer shared this email here a few months ago). It makes absolutely zero sense to tell new freelancers this - the first step should be to learn how to use Upwork properly and fill out your profile, NOT to post in the forum, especially if you have no specific question nor anything to contribute.


If Upwork is sharing these comments with the team, can they also address why one particular person has been allowed to take over the forum, copy/pasting the same spam-like advice in almost every thread? Can ChatGPT-generated posts also be banned?

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My applause Preston!
I don't know if they will really listen to you, but you have made everything very clear.


Same as others have commented, this is no longer what it used to be. A place to learn, help as much as possible and where to have a laugh from time to time.


As Christine has said, telling newcomers first to stop by the forum instead of telling them to read the TOS carefully, among other things, has filled this with foolishness. And of course, "that" horrible and useless spam.


Other than the requests others have made, when is Upwork going to set a decent minimum for profile approval again?
I'm fed up with profiles that are nothing, flooding the forum with nonsense and that are allowed to submit proposals being their profiles a absolute nothing.


Perhaps it is a commercial strategy, better quantity than quality?

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I couldn't agree more, Preston. A totally useless section as of now, they might as well rename it 'junk'. 


Speaking about the countless profiles with no skills whatsoever, this reminds me of an old tale in which lots of people wanted to jump on a boat, but after doing that, none of them rowed. The boat eventually sank.

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