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updating payment terms

I wanted to update the payment terms for a client, but instead have withdrawn the proposal, and it isn't letting me edit the terms. Can you please advise asap?

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Withdrawing proposal means you no longer participating with the job proposal.

My opinion is If you have good relation and chatting then - If you can then contact the client and ask to send you an invitaion or reward the job if you are fit.

And then based on relation directly mention the payment you wish for. If you are competing then Best of luck.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Barrak, 

If you withdrew your proposal by mistake, you should be able to resubmit a new proposal by applying to the same job. 

Barrak, I would just like to remind you that requesting to be paid off the platform is a serious violation of the Upwork User Agreement, and the team will follow up with you with more information. You may read up on this help article to know more about actions that may render your account temporarily on hold, or permanently suspended. 

Please check the freelancer resources we compiled and tips for avoiding questionable jobs, for more information about working safely through Upwork.

~ Avery
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