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w9 entry field for ss number won't work

How do I enter my ss number on the w9 form? When I type the numbers it makes dots (no numbers show up) and the entry field remains highlighted in red. Are the spaces between the numbers supposed to be done with a dash or with the space bar on the keyboard? In any case, no matter what I do, it doesn't seem to work. Help!

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Hi Gary, Thanks for reaching out. Please check this link on to how to file the W-9 form. These are the information needed.

  • Legal Name – Your own name, or your business name if you're filing as a company entity
  • Address – Where Upwork will mail your Form 1099-K or other tax forms, if necessary
  • Filing Status – Type of IRS tax filing you will use for earnings
  • Taxpayer Identification Number – TIN type and # you will use for your IRS tax filing
~ Jo-An

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