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what happens if you need to stop a job?


I am new to Upwork. Right now looking for a full time job but in the mean time figured I would try to find something on here. My question is if I start a project am I able to stop if I get a full time time job and still get paid and all that? I read that the client can terminate or pause jobs but not seeing anything for the freelancer. 


Thanks for your help. 

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Yes, you can end a contract whenever you like. If you've done the work you've been contracted to do up to that point, you should get paid for it. But if the client is upset that you ended it, they may leave you negative feedback. But if you've done a good job up to that point and are open with them about why you have to end it, that probaly won;t happen.

Okay thanks. Yeah I would communicate things up front to avoid a negative experience. 


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A freelancer is able to terminate a contract at any time, without restriction. A freelancer is not required to provide advance notice. Or a reason.

Okay thank you! 

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