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why can't I get paid

Hi everyone ^^ Im' new to Upwork and I don't understand what happend.
I specify that the account and payment methods are autenticated.
I finished a project and submitted to the client, which then sent me a second project. The first project is finished and loaded but for the second one the client made no offer, so I tried to do it but then I withdrawn it, because I thought it was a mistake. 

Now the client has cancealed the first order and he never made an offer to the second one and I received no money. If I go to Reports > Overview there's nothing, and if I go to Settings > Get Paid the buttons Get Paid Now and View Payments are not available. 

I hope this is clear, but actually I don't understand what's going on >< What went wrong exactly? What do I have to do to get paid? Or do I just have to wait? 

Send help T^T

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Giulia,


I checked and it seems that your client ended the contract and requested the return of funds from escrow. You have 7 days to respond to this request. You can approve the refund request and the funds in escrow will be refunded to your client. You can also dispute the refund request after which, one of our Dispute specialists will be reaching out to you. For more information, you can check out this help article.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

The client requested a refund but he never paid me.

I never received money from him and now, because of the misunderstanding i think, he requested a refund, but there's nothing to return.. 

I've already wrote to him but we are in a different time zone and we have to wait for each other ><

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