why can't I pay from my freelancer account earnings to create a paid agency account?

I raised this to the support team however they mentioned that it's a system limitation. Here is a snapshot of my chat - 


Support Executive - 
Your freelancer account and agency account has different financial account so it's a system limitation to charge a different financial account to pay for the membership fee.
Abhishek Rathore
but even if you look from real world perspective...whenever you register a company you always pay from your personal pocket to invest and form a company.... once your company is set up then only you have a bank account & credit card...
i kindly request and strongly recommend to pass on this feedback to your higher team
i am not sure if anybody ever raised this concern... to upwork

Hi Abhishek,


We appreciate you sharing your feedback in the Community and will make sure to pass it along to our product team.

Thanks Lanie