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why do I get "this page is for clients only" about 2-3 mins after I log in?

I've tried on both Linux and Windows, Chrome, Chromium and Firefox. I log in fine, I start reviewing my proposals (when I can... a lot of them are "no longer available" for some reason, and then they become available again the next time), and then after 2-3 mins the page clears and I get a "this page is for clients only" message. Obviously, I am a client, so the message itself makes no sense.


I've messaged my "talent coordinator" - no answer.

I've emailed in reply to the numerous emails that Upwork sends me - no reply.


So, trying here... what's the solution?


My details: traveling through the Philippines (about to head to Malaysia), dual-boot Linux/Windows laptop, cookies and cache cleared, 4 different browsers.


Bit of a loss, really... I'd like to hire people, but I can't if the site won't let me...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Marcus, 

What link, or button do you click when this notification shows? Please let me know the steps you took so that I can try to replicate this for you, and investigate it further.

~ Avery
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I log in. I try to read a proposal. It comes up "this proposal is no longer available" 4 times out of 5, then when I click "go back to your proposal list" (I can't remember the exact text) the screen blanks and the message about the screen being for clients only comes up.

I think one time I wasn't even doing anything, i.e. I hadn't clicked anything, and the message came up.

If I try and continue through the "clients only" message then the "I am not a robot" captcha appears, and every time I try to complete that it says that the captcha is not available and I should try again.
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