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Add a Certification to Your Profile With Credly

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We’re excited to announce a new way to add a certification to your profile. Upwork is partnering with Credly, a leading digital credential platform, to expand the number and breadth of verified certifications. It partners with issuing institutions and keeps a live database of verified certifications and its earners. 


With the implementation of this partnership, a new option will appear in the Certifications section when talent edits their profile. In addition to the current  “Add Manually” option, there will be an option to “Import from Credly”. Selecting the Credly option will direct talent to the Credly site to sign in or create an account. Users will then be able to select their Credly badges to display as certifications on their Upwork profiles.


This integration with Credly will be rolling out gradually; so, you may not see the Credly option right away. In the meantime, you’re still able to add certifications using the existing functionality.


To get started with Credly, you can create an account at Credly.com. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to claim any credentials that accrediting institutions have shared with Credly. Credly refers to credentials as badges, which are digital representations of a learning outcome, experience or competency. To learn about getting started with Credly, check out this article on Credly.com. You can also find answers to more Credly questions in their help center.


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