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Apps and offers now available for freelancer accounts

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What changed: You can now access special discounts to AI apps from top technology companies curated specifically for independent professionals on Upwork to supercharge your workflows.


How it works: From your Upwork freelancer account, you can now access unique offers to AI apps from companies like Adobe, Tabnine, and Jasper so you can unlock speed and efficiency in your work with AI-powered tools. All apps and offers available for you are now on the new apps and offers page, accessible from a link in the navigation bar of your Upwork account. You’ll find details for each app, such as pricing, use cases, and access to educational content on how to get the most out of the app.


Access apps and offers now.


Who is impacted: All freelancers interested in discounts and courses for AI tools to enhance their workflows.


Release date: September 27, 2023 


What does it solve:  Product offers through Upwork will allow you to try more generative AI tools to see which ones are most impactful for your business.