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Boosted Profile is now available for all freelancers

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What changed: Boosted Profile is now generally available, enabling freelancers and clients enhanced discovery across all work categories and job types.


Boost your profile to reach more clients who are actively hiring in the work categories you target. Once boosted and after you set your budget, bid amount, and work category, you'll receive priority positioning at the top of search results where clients invite freelancers to their new job. And when you’re invited, there’s no cost to apply. Save time and boost your productivity by letting clients find you more easily. You only pay for a client’s first profile click on that job post, no matter how many times they engage your profile.  


Turn on ‘Boost your profile’ by selecting the pencil icon from the homepage. 


Who is impacted: All freelancers 


Release date: December 6, 2023


What does it solve: Boosted Profile promotes your visibility on Upwork in a targeted way to increase your chances of getting hired for your desired work category. Clients view Boosted Profiles after they post a job.