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Community Platform Updates - October 2021

Community Manager

Hello Upwork Community, Stan here. I’m new to the Community team here at Upwork. I’ll bore you all with a more formal introduction down the road, and instead jump right into some updates. Initially, many of these are updates behind the scenes, but over the coming weeks they’ll start to become much more visible.


Moving towards a more modern Community


Announcements in this section will soon move into a Blog, allowing us to bring product updates and news to you in a more modern day format. We’ll also be rolling out many improvements such as a more sleek and responsive message editor, additional subscription and notification options, and enhanced search capabilities. 


Immediately though, you’ll begin to notice some tweaks to features in Community such as the private messaging system.  It’s getting a facelift today, and next week it’ll look even better as we roll out the updated text editor.


Full transparency - We’re working hard to bring these updates out quickly, and we’ll likely introduce a few bugs along the way. With that said, we’ll also be working to resolve them as quickly as we introduce them. If you notice something not working as you browse the forums, please let us know. More so, if you have any thoughts on how we can improve your experience here in Community, we want to hear it.

10/19/2021 Update: Blogs are now live which is where you'll be reading this!