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Consultations Details Page Redesign

Community Manager

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We recently improved the Consultations details page to provide the most relevant information about freelancers’ services to prospective and existing clients. 


Instead of sifting through numerous details to understand who freelancers are and what services they offer, clients can now easily identify personalized advice they can receive from freelancers as well as what to expect from a consultation.


When clients land on a consultation’s details page, they’ll notice the freelancer’s consultation description at the top of the page alongside the freelancer’s next available dates for a consultation. Information about the freelancer, including their star rating and location, is also at the top of the page. In addition, FAQs and steps to prepare clients for a consultation are now outlined on the page.


Once clients click Continue on the top right of the page, they’ll see a calendar pop up that allows them to select the date and time they’d like to schedule their consultation. 




If clients are logged out from their accounts or are visitors to the Upwork platform, they’ll see a registration menu pop up that asks them to register or log in before they can complete their booking.




“The Consultations details page was previously set up to look like the Catalog project details page, mainly emphasizing each project’s photos. We have learned that the photos are not as important for our clients when choosing a consultation; they are instead trying to learn more about the talent behind the project, the topics they can discuss with the freelancer, and the times they are available to meet,” shares Product Manager Grace G.


She continues, “Because of this, we have improved the details page to surface the most important information up front, helping our clients easily understand what they can get if they decide to book the consultation they are browsing.”


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