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Create Your Own Network Right Here on Upwork

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[Updated January 18, 2022] Our product team would like to thank you for all of your feedback in this community thread as well as those who have been participating in our ongoing research study. We have been recording your suggestions and have prepared a list of initial improvements to Your Network that will help you find other independent professionals and add them to your network more easily. 

Here is a preview of what’s coming starting in February:
  • Improvements to the search bar in Your Network page: a series of updates and fixes to the search capabilities that will help you find talent using first and last name more easily.


  • Add professional to your network directly from top navigation search: Many of you use the talent search on the top navigation bar of the platform. This will allow you to search and filter other professionals using all the top parameters in their profile such as category, skills, location, and others.



  • Network recommendations in Your Network page: a series of modules with recommended professionals to add to your network based on geo proximity, skills, people you may know, and others.



  • Inviting professionals that are not on Upwork: you can send an invite to your network for professionals that are not currently on Upwork.




We will continue to collect your feedback and work to bring more improvements to Your Network in the coming months. Thank you for all of your support and comments!



Building a network of fellow professionals you can count on is one of the best ways to grow your business. Today we’re announcing a beta test as the first step in a greater initiative. With this feature, talent included in the test can save and message other talent on the platform. 


Create your network on Upwork and grow relationships that can lead to bigger projects.

Have people or profiles caught your eye on Upwork? Would you like to connect with others in your field of expertise to compare notes and share best practices? Are you looking for people with skills that complement yours so that you can team up when the right opportunity comes along?


Now you can do that and more. Find and connect with other professionals on Upwork so you can share ideas, compare notes, and collaborate to win bigger projects together. When this feature becomes available to you, you can add professionals using their name or email address, and once they accept your request, you can communicate with them through Upwork.


Those who are eligible to participate now will receive an email invite and see a section called “Your Network” in the main navigation under the “Find Work” dropdown.

UI Scene 1.gif


From the “Your Network” dashboard, you can see other talent who are in your network as well as add talent to your network. Clicking the “Add to Network” button will bring up a page where you can search for talent by name or email. You can then invite other talent to be part of your network. You’ll then see the option to enter a brief message and indicate how you know the individual or why you want to connect with them. Those you invite will receive an invitation to join your network.

UI Scene 2.gif

Talent who are not yet eligible for full access to this feature will be able to accept invitations but not to send them yet. Once they accept an invitation to join a network, the “Your Network” dashboard will become available to them. In place of the “Add to Network” button, these users will see a “Join the Waitlist” button. Clicking this will add them to the waitlist for full access to this feature.


We’ll be adding more collaborative features in the future, so start growing your network today!


For more information, visit this Help article and join the Community discussion.


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