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Dispute process update

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What Changed: Status updates for hourly disputes are now available from your Upwork account. Freelancers and agencies are required to respond to a dispute on the Upwork platform within three days.


How Does it Work: To help keep you protected when you make Upwork your home for work, we offer Hourly Payment Protection. This protects freelancers and agencies that work and bill for hours that qualify. As part of this protection, we also offer a way for clients to file a dispute if they do not agree with the hours invoiced. Once a client files a dispute on an hourly contract, you will be notified immediately via email and a notification in your Upwork account. You have three days to respond.


To accept or decline your Dispute, go to My Jobs > All Contracts, find the relevant contract, and select See Dispute. If you do not respond or decline, our Dispute specialist will step in within one business day to review the Work Diary using the criteria in Upwork Hourly Protection. You can check the status of a dispute in My Jobs > All Contracts > Find the job with the dispute > See Dispute. 


Who is Impacted: Clients, freelancers, and agencies who have an active dispute on an hourly contract.


Release Date: June 14, 2023


What Does it Solve: It’s now easier to manage any active disputes through the Upwork platform. Dispute status and outcomes will be available by simply signing into your Upwork account. Learn more about disputes.