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Keep favorite talent at your fingertips with Virtual Talent Bench™

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Clients have shared the value of easily accessing independent talent they've worked with before. They’ve also asked for a way to save promising new talent for future projects. Virtual Talent Bench™ does that and more, letting clients seamlessly discover, organize, and create long-term relationships with talent who boost their business. Special thanks to our Community members who helped bring these improvements to life through valuable input and feedback.



Check out the features designed to connect clients with talent who understand their vision and to help talent form ongoing relationships with clients they love working with.


Build custom lists of stellar professionals for future projects. You can now build skill- or project-specific lists to make it easier to organize lists of professionals based on your needs. Whether it’s talent who have caught your eye for future projects or people you’ve previously hired, you can spend less time searching by using lists you created. Your lists help you easily find the right independent professionals when you need them.


Add tags and notes as a reminder of talent strengths. Save important details about freelancers who matter most to you. Adding tags and notes makes it easier to shortlist the pros with the skills and experience you’re looking for (e.g., quick turnaround, industry experience, great communication skills). You can now save notes on talent profiles, on talent cards in search, and within the proposal manager. All notes are private and cannot be seen by freelancers.





Find new talent your team trusts. If you're on a company account or you’re part of a team, you can see who your teammates have hired on Upwork, what projects they've completed, and people they've added outside of Upwork (it's called bring-your-own talent, or BYOT, in case that term comes up in the future). Virtual Talent Bench also automatically surfaces potential matches based on your search and job post history. The more actions you take, the better the matches.




Virtual Talent Bench is good news for talent as well as clients. Clients can quickly view all the talent they or their colleagues have hired or saved, along with recommendations for new talent who can get the job done, increasing the exposure and reach of independent talent to past and future clients. Whether it’s reconnecting with people you worked with in the past or building new relationships, Virtual Talent Bench makes it easier for all of our customers to build long-term relationships and grow their businesses. 


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