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Mobile App Authentication using Face or Fingerprint Recognition

Community Manager

We’re rolling out a new way to authenticate in Upwork’s mobile apps. Instead of authenticating by entering a password, enrolled Mobile App users will be able to authenticate using the same biometric (their face or fingerprint) that they use to unlock their mobile device. This feature provides you with another option for authentication wherever you usually enter your password on Upwork’s mobile apps. Our goal with this feature is to provide mobile app users with a secure alternative to password while delivering the sort of experience that mobile users expect.


On initial release this feature will only be available on the Upwork mobile apps, but we have plans to introduce this feature for desktop devices later on. This feature will gradually roll out to mobile app users and only be available on devices that support face, facial features or fingerprint recognition.


How to enable biometric authentication

Once available, the feature can be enabled during the sign in process in the Upwork apps or by following these steps:

  1. In the app, tap the Settings button and select “Password & security”
  2. Under “Authentication Options”, tap the “Face or Fingerprint Recognition” to toggle it on (highlighted green)
  3. Follow the prompts to scan your face, facial features, or fingerprint

If Face or Fingerprint recognition isn’t already enabled on your device, you will have to go to your device’s Settings menu and enable it there first. Follow the prompts provided by your device.


If you use an iOS device, prompts in the app will read “Touch ID” or “Face ID,” depending on which you activated.


We understand you may have privacy concerns and at Upwork we prioritize data privacy and security. In fact, for this authentication feature none of your biometric information is ever in our possession. It never leaves your device. Upwork has a limited role in collecting and processing your biometric data because during authentication, the Upwork app checks your fingerprint/face scan against the scan you’ve saved on your device. Please check with your device provider (e.g. Apple or Google), if you have any questions about the collection and processing of your biometric data.


Additionally, this new form of authentication on the Upwork Mobile apps is purely optional. It’s there for those who would like simplified authentication; users who prefer to sign in with a password can continue to do so. If someone who enables the features decides later that they would rather use a password, the face or fingerprint recognition option can be disabled from Settings at any time.


For more information, check out this help article. To ask questions or share your thoughts on this feature, please visit the Community discussion