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Redesigned Browsing Experience for Project Catalog

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Clients can now easily browse freelancers’ work to find smaller lists of projects that match their needs—before setting specifications for style, type, and project preference. By mid-April, all clients and visitors will be able to access the redesigned browsing experience–known as Guided Discovery–for 33 category pages in Project Catalog while we test this improved feature.


Currently, three category pages in Project Catalog offer the redesigned browsing experience for all clients and visitors: 

  1. Illustration
  2. Logo Design
  3. Portraits & Caricatures


The high volume of available projects on Project Catalog can be daunting for clients, especially for those browsing it for the first time. By grouping projects based on shared characteristics, clients can confidently navigate their options and select the perfect project with ease. Since clients are buying more projects using the redesigned browsing experience, freelancers also have a greater chance of getting noticed and building relationships with clients.


After clients select a category page in Project Catalog, such as Logo Design, they will now immediately see subcategories such as “Top projects you may like,” “Top minimalist logo projects,” and “Projects by price.” Rather than overwhelming clients with unsorted projects, this redesign helps clients absorb the information on the page with handy headings that include a one-sentence overview of the projects.


This redesigned browsing experience will include 33 category pages in Project Catalog by mid-month, and it will expand to the remaining pages soon afterward. 


“We are planning on implementing the Guided Discovery experience in many more Project Catalog pages because we've seen a lot of success thus far,” says Product Manager Grace G. “Conversion rates are increasing, which means clients are finding and buying their desired products more often and freelancers are receiving more work through Catalog than before.” When the team tested Guided Discovery in the first three categories, they saw an 11.7% increase in project hires from the clients in the test.


Since this redesigned browsing experience is expanding, clients will soon see it on more category pages like the Social Media Management page. One of the headings, “Grow your social network,” allows clients to select from a display of social media platforms. After selecting one of these platforms, network-specific projects are showcased.



For more information, visit this Get Started with Project Catalog Article. To share feedback or ask questions, join the Community discussion for Redesigned Browsing Experience for Project Catalog.