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Reordered Steps on Post a Job and Invite Page

Community Manager

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On April 21, we launched a three-week test that reorders the steps on the Post a job and invite page, aiming to create a simplified posting experience for clients.


In the current experience, clients first see an option to include a private message to a freelancer, which is followed by writing a title and description for their job post.




In the new experience, a small percentage of clients first see a banner that says, “Share your job with [freelancer name] and other qualified talent.” The banner clarifies that the job will be posted on Upwork, and it includes the new wording Share job on the posting button.


Underneath the banner, Title is changed to Job title to specify its connection to the job description. Writing a private message to a freelancer is now at the bottom of the page, emphasizing that the action is optional.




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