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Send Direct Messages to Agencies

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Some time ago, we announced that clients with a paid membership would have the ability to send direct messages to freelancers prior to the creation of a job post. We are now testing expanding this option in order to allow clients to direct message agencies. As with the previous launch of this feature, our hope is that enabling direct messages and scheduling a call will streamline the hiring process by eliminating the need to post a job prior to determining the scope of the project. When a client sends a message to the agency, a Message room is created between the client and all of the agency’s managers. Clients are limited to sending messages to 5 agencies per day. This feature will be available to all clients, not just those on paid accounts.




At this stage of testing, the direct message button will appear in two places. The first place it will be seen is on the tile for each agency displayed on skill pages such as this one.



The button will also appear on the agency profile if a client clicks on the agency from the skill page. It will not appear on the agency profile if accessed from somewhere other than a skill page.overlay.png


When the client sends a message, a Messages room will automatically be created with the client and all the agency managers.



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