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Update: Consultations on Project Catalog

Community Manager
In September 2022, we shared information about Consultations becoming available to half of all clients browsing Project Catalog. After one round of testing, we recently launched a second version of this test, taking a more streamlined approach to creating more intentional visibility of an essential service where clients schedule one-on-one meetings with freelancers.
Prior to testing, Consultations were not visible on Project Catalog. The updated test feature includes Consultations on these pages:
  • Catalog homepage with a carousel of Consultations categories and description of how Consultations work
  • New Consultations category pages, browsable in Development & IT and Marketing categories, which also include a new Consultations tile
  • Catalog search with a new row of Consultations that relate to search keywords

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We encourage you to continue sharing your feedback about this test feature in our original thread.