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Create To-Dos From Message Center


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To help clients and freelancers align on project expectations throughout an hourly contract, we launched a new test feature that allows them to create to-dos directly from the Message Center.


With this new feature, clients and freelancers are able to:

  • Access an automatic message from the Message Center that prompts them to create to-dos when their hourly contracts start, which helps everyone to align their expectations and set up their projects for success
  • Create to-dos by selecting either Add a to-do from the Message Center header or Add as a to-do in an individual message, which helps clients and freelancers to stay organized while they discuss project expectations




Previously, clients and freelancers were unable to create to-dos directly from the Message Center, which limited their ability to align expectations and successfully complete their projects. Now, 1% of clients and freelancers will receive a reminder about creating to-dos and can do so directly from a message.


"With this new functionality, we aim to make expectation setting and alignment seamless for both clients and freelancers, so that they can focus on what really matters—completing their work successfully,” shares Product Manager Jacqui G.


For more information, visit this Help article for To-Do Lists. To share feedback or ask questions, join the Community discussion for Create To-Dos from Message Center.