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Design System Upgrade


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In late July, clients and freelancers will notice stylistic changes such as new colors to Upwork’s platform while we upgrade our design system. This minor improvement is a stepping stone toward a larger design system upgrade that will allow clients and freelancers to have a more cohesive and efficient experience while using Upwork.


Other than changes to our header, there are no changes to the layout or functionality of the Upwork platform. Stylistically, clients and freelancers will notice that the colors for buttons, links, and other interactive elements have changed to improve visibility and contrast, and background colors have been updated. Altogether, the changes establish a more unified and accessible interface for everyone.


Our header upgrade includes a new white background and search interface located on the right side.




The footer has changed from white to black.




The colors for buttons, links, and other interactive elements have changed, including shifting from green to black.




“Our latest design changes are all about creating a better experience for our customers. Our Design Systems team has some amazing updates in-store and planned a staged approach to releasing them. We know change takes time, and changing too many things at once can be confusing,” shares Design Director Matt White. 


He continues, “The goal is to ease into these transitions with improved color contrast, streamlined UI, and a more cohesive experience through better branding. The next step is a more robust update that will enable often-requested features like dark mode (we hear you!), a wider grid, improved spacing, and aesthetic improvements to help drive a more modern, flexible, and satisfying experience for our customers.”


For more information, visit this Help article. To share feedback or ask questions, join the Community discussion for Design System Upgrade.