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Aug 02, 2022
Create To-Dos From Message Center

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 8.22.40 AM.png

To help clients and freelancers align on project expectations throughout an hourly contract, we launched a new test feature that allows them to create to-dos directly from the Message Center.


With this new feature, clients and freelancers are able to:

  • Access an automatic message from the Message
Jul 28, 2022
Design System Upgrade

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 8.27.48 AM.png


In late July, clients and freelancers will notice stylistic changes such as new colors to Upwork’s platform while we upgrade our design system. This minor improvement is a stepping stone toward a larger design system upgrade that will allow clients and freelancers to have a more cohesive and effi

Jul 26, 2022
Custom Tiers on Project Catalog

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 8.29.55 AM.png


We recently launched a feature that allows freelancers to customize the starter, standard, and advanced tiers on Project Catalog. By creating specialized titles that can also include short descriptions, freelancers can explain their products and services in their own words. 


This new feature wa

Jul 19, 2022
Credly Follow-Up

We’re delighted to share that thousands of freelancers have added Credly badges to the Certifications section of their profiles since Upwork partnered with the leading digital credential platform. Since mid-May, we’ve seen:

  • Over 30,000 badges were added during the first month when the option to add
Jul 06, 2022
Redesigned Contract Room

We’re rolling out a redesign of the contract room that simplifies how freelancers and clients manage their contracts. Starting July 5, freelancers and clients will see visual and navigational changes that match Upwork’s overall new look and also provide consistency for everyone’s experiences of the

Jul 05, 2022
Requested Features and Bug Fixes (July 5, 2022 Update)

We’ve been diligently working to add features and address issues that clients and freelancers shared with us.


These are the added features that are now available to clients and freelancers:

  • Marking a chat room or message as a favorite
  • Setting focus on the composer when typing or accessing a room
Jun 13, 2022
Virtual Talent Bench List Sharing

Recently, we released a feature that allows all clients to share their Virtual Talent Benches with one another and with visitors to the Upwork platform. When a client’s talent list is shared with another client, this client can save the shared list as their own. When the talent list is shared with a

Jun 02, 2022
New Performance Analytics (6/1 Update)

[Updated June 1, 2022] Thank you for your patience as we fixed some backend issues that lead to discrepancies in the data displayed on the My Stats page. We greatly appreciate your feedback as we look to create the optimal experience. Boosted Proposals data will also now be available as part of the

Jun 01, 2022
Improved Filters for Job Searches (July 5, 2022 Update)

[July 5, 2022 Update] Recently, we expanded a test feature that improves filtering options for job searches to now include an option to filter jobs by the number of Connects that are required to apply. 


When freelancers are on the Find Work page of their Upwork account, they’ll filter their job s

May 24, 2022
Upwork Picks (5/23 Update)

Starting May 23, we’re testing an algorithm that badges projects as Upwork Picks. Upwork Picks are recognized for their clarity of deliverables, competitive pricing, and freelancer responsiveness. For two weeks, badging that uses this algorithm will be viewable by all clients and visitors for every