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Re: Can't get hired even with 15+ years of experience, due to unknown reasons.

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ERDEM YAVUZ Y Member Since: Jan 11, 2019
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Greetings everyone.


I am a 15+ years experience Computer Engineer, .Net Architect, Developer...
I can pretty much develop any enterprise level web or desktop application, api, you name it with top engineering quality.

I have decided to continue my career in Upwork.

However, to Upwork empoyers i have no work history and apparently my experience in websites like Upwork is not enough to make myself seen.

I would like to receive suggestions about what i might be doing wrong and how i could reflect my level of experience in real life to Upwork.


For so long, i had refused to bid low and click small projects, as i am used to develop big enterprise level projects all by myself in real life. (One man army, yes).

I have the time to dedicate myself to Upwork and create quality projects.


I welcome any suggestions to help me correct my profile or tell me how i could connect to right clients.

Above all, have a very nice week!
ERDEM YAVUZ **Edited for community guidelines**

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Joseph M Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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I would add some specific portfolio pieces to your profile, or use an external portfolio.  Perhaps take a few more tests on Upwork.  Your "other experiences" section is also a little strange compared to the rest of your profile.


How long have you been trying?  Upwork can be slow-going, especially for starting out.  You'll get your first job eventually, and that will help you gain some traction.

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ERDEM YAVUZ Y Member Since: Jan 11, 2019
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Thank you for the suggestion Joseph, i will check my other* experiences section.


Actually, after filling out too many CV boxes, i have this generic bio now which i copy and paste around.

It's hard to keep every source updated.

Maybe that will explain the disconnection.


It's true that i did not take many tests in Upwork, i am already busy with my work and i have already taken tons of tests here and there, i feel that i can no longer explain myself via simple tests.

My experience is well beyond simple tests now.


Maybe i should put some demonstrative projects on internet to show off my skills.


I can not share my previous projects on internet, because they were private custom works for clients and they won't welcome it.

And how can you show off your skill that's "I can do make custom enterprise level requests happen" ?


I have been trying over 9 months, not too heavily.

As i have explained before, i do not bid to jobs day and night. 

I carefully pick the jobs which i believe i can properly do and make the client and myself happy, so you could say, my attendance is around 4 bids per month at max, if you distribute them evenly.


But i get no responses and most importantly, i get no feedback about anything.

I have a feeling that it's related to my timezone, which is GMT+3. Turkey.


Bid too much? Too low? Not enough experience? At least what the client perceives?

So i have found about and ended up here.

I welcome any more suggestions if anyone has, then i will pick the best answer.
Much appreciated!

Thanks Joseph!

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Andrew C Member Since: Apr 19, 2015
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I would do the following:


1. Take several tests that you know you would do well on. Make sure they are public on your profile. I found out a few months ago that there are employers who actually look at those scores! One of them asked me questions about one of my tests. I always thought they didn't care but some actually do. So this could give you the edge you need.


2. Create a portfolio section that looks very attractive. Make sure you have good looking screenshots/videos for past work you've done (for the work you're allowed to show publically that is). Surely you must have at least 1 or 2 projects you can show in your portfolio? I know you said you worked on a lot of private projects. If all else fails, maybe you'll need to consider working on a personal project so that you can show it on your portfolio.


3. Keep the rest of your profile on the simpler side. Don't add too much text. I think employers just gloss over a lot of that stuff. People like visuals and things they can quickly look at to determine if you might be a good fit.


4. Do similar things when you write proposals to potential clients. Keep it simple. Not too much text. The biggest thing is to make sure it is catered specifically to their job. If they see that you understand the job really well they'll be more inclined to want to talk to you. Don't use a generic cover letter.

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Muhammad A Member Since: Jan 23, 2019
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One point specifically for you which may help is to add some latest front end technologies (Angular or React or else) in your profile (since you have mentioned yourself as full stack dev). Also may add it in your profile header. All searches you know are Keyword based so that will help while client filter proposals.

Second point which is of paramount importance is the cover letter in proposal submission. After carefull selection of project, spending some time on proposal cover letter is very helpful in getting that contract. Discussing client project in 2 or 3 line paragraph with his selected technology choice or some suggestions for improvement or candidate architecture of project or any thing else will really be fruitful. 

Also important is that you raise your rates gradually. Quoting very high rates at start will not help.