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This guy was totally useless. So many missed deadlines, so many failed atttempts and so many promises. He positioned himself as a word press expert with many years experience, well my definitiion is very different to this loser. First up, he offers to take a look at my job. Then I find out he has billed me for 2 hours, well at at least tried to. He then says he will do 2 hours free to make up for the time. That never happened. After seeing my job and saying he can do this and gave me the hours it would take him, i hired. Yet, days after the promised deadline without a word spoken there is NO visible change. He gave some poor excuse and says he will do it over the next 2-3 days. Those days came and went with no change, he says we cant do work on my job until the weekend, it was now monday, but promised a solid 10-12 hours over this weekend. This weekend is almost over and still there has been no change in the website, but ensures me he is working as fast as he can. I asked for a link to be send to review what had been done several times but nothing had changed. Quite feed up, I hire someone else, who in 3 hours does more work than this loser does in almost 3 weeks. I ask this guy to focus on one page only. He says he is working on it for the next few hours. Hours later, I ask for a link to update. Guess what he had done. NOT ONE VISIBLE CHANGE! I gave him some grief about his useless work and set about doing this myself. Fifteen minutes later, I have the start on my page and well on the way. In the background, the second guy I hired completed the original task is less than 6 hours. Dont hire this **Edited for Community Guidelines** , he is **bleep**ing useless

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It seems you had an hourly contract. You can end it anytime. There is no reason for you to wait for 3 weeks for a few hours of work, unless it was agreed in the beginning itself.

May be the freelancer is not skilled enough to take on the work or they are just lazy, it is their problem  and not yours. You should not feel obliged to cover their incompetence by continuing to work with them


 I would personally not feel obliged to continue working with any freelancer who was not providing me the results I wanted.


You can pause the contract and ask the freelancer to provide you the files they have worked till now.


Also do not forget to revoke access to any system that you may have provided them,there are many freelancers who turn all vindicative and do disruptions when they are confronted. Some even come here in forum to justify their acts .


After they have submitted files, just end contract and provide fair feedback


If they worked on nothing or you do not need their work, you can simply end the contract and be done with it.


Warning people on this forum is seldom useful as the names would soon be edited by moderators as posting names is a violation of community guidelines.