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Having No Luck With Proposals

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Nicole S Member Since: Feb 8, 2019
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Hello. I’m a fairly new freelancer here on Upwork. I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong, if anything. I’ve been sending out lots of proposals and I’m not getting any responses back. I’ve tried tweeking price, professionalism, my profile, and a lot of other things. I usually make sure that I’m talking about their project specifically and I’m providing examples of my work. I’ve even taken the Upwork readiness test and English proficiency test (I’m US born and raised and speak very well).


Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Jared H Member Since: Feb 8, 2019
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Hi Nicole,


You might want to offer doing one or two small jobs for free or very low cost to build up a job history. It was also hard for me to get started on Upwork, but once I had a couple of jobs under my belt, more people were willing to hire me. 


Good luck!


- Jared

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Ricardo N Member Since: Feb 14, 2019
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It's up to each freelancer to set their own rates, but considering you have had zero clients, you also have zero reviews, yet your hourly rate for building basic websites is $75/hour.  Most PHP developers charge considerably less than that, so it's probably a factor.


Consider this, clients receive a ton of proposals, then they have, side by side, a highly rated PHP developer with positive reviews, who can build a dynamic website for (usually) less the $40/hour, then they see your proposal, for a static website at $75/hour.


You define your rates, but you may want to consider sweetening the deal for your first few clients until you have a few reviews and a good success rate.