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I am not getting hired even after writing good proposals

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Muhammad Hamza M Member Since: Jul 24, 2020
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I have set up mu profile according to guidelines and I also have added portfolio of my work. Also I have added my work experience. But I am not getting hired I have submitted 45 proposals and I got no job on upwork. I dont know where I am doing wrong.
Please tell me what is wrong with my profile.
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Md Zahidul I Member Since: Aug 16, 2019
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Hi Hamza,


Newly started freelancers mostly face this issue at beginning. I will suggest you to follow some ways to increase your chances to get hired.

  1. Try to submit your proposal within 5-10 applican. You can see it at the bottom part of the job details page.
  2. Focus on small jobs at beginning you you're helping clients mostly to complete their urgent job as faster as possible. Focus it on your proposal.
  3. Focus on your experties and confidence in your proposal to complete the project faster when client's need the work to be done faster.

I hope these will support you increase your chances to get hired faster at beginning.

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Muhammad Hamza M Member Since: Jul 24, 2020
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Thanks for your response sir. I surely do these things. Can you look at my profile and tell what is missing?

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Puja R Member Since: Nov 12, 2020
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Hi Muhammad,

I saw your profile, where your portfolio seems nice, your profile description is which lacks the thing. The first thing client will see in your profile is your description. First, I would suggest going through your profile description once again and give a thorough check to it, because on the first few lines of your specialized profile, I saw some duplicated words and not well-crafted sentences. This way, the client's attention will only go to these mistakes and not the experience that you want to share.

Second, it's too much writing. Kindly make it view and reading friendly. To the point lines, bullet points, short, crisp, direct writing. 

It should be easy for a client to read about you and understand, that you can be a potential candidate. Same with your proposals. Double-check your proposals and make it customized.


I hope, this helps.

All the best to you.