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If you only have 1 iOS device for development what would that be?

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Domingo P Member Since: Jun 12, 2016
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For those iOS developers there, now that SE has been released, is this a great device for development? or what iOS device would you recommend if you only have 1 device?

Community Guru
Gerry S Member Since: Nov 23, 2014
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I thought one targetted the operating system (i.e. IOS 9); not a particular device.


Use an emulator (it's cheaper and easier IMO).

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Alexandru I Member Since: Apr 5, 2016
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Using the simulator, you can test most of the features as on a real device (with few exceptions).

As far as I'm aware, the latest feature that doesn't work in the simulator is 3d touch. I believe iPhone SE doesn't support 3d touch, so the better option would be an iPhone 6s (depending if you want to develop support for 3d touch).


I'd generally go for a device that has most features (and supports latest iOS versions).