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Is upwork dying slowly?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "hope this won't become another Odesk."


I'm not sure what you mean by that.


Upwork IS oDesk (combined with people from and some aspects of Elance).

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Kevin G Member Since: Jun 12, 2017
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Odesk is dying at that time. Elance is more favorable, until they are bought up by Odesk. And here we are now all in Upwork.

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Robert James R Member Since: Apr 17, 2015
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Well, that explains why I no longer get invites as much as I used to.

And why my list of clients are drying up.
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Paul M Member Since: Sep 27, 2019
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What are some alternatives to Upwork? It seems upper management has lost touch with their community of freelancers. 

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Asima Y Member Since: Apr 19, 2017
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Upwork not dying. People are making it to dye.


There are many non sense people who have no strong experience and have joined upwork they also offering their services i very less cost so buyer attract and give importance to cost not to quality when they get poor work they say this platform is not good and there is no quality work, Upwork is best place for getting good work.Sensible people always have a meeting before hiring. This is the right way they should start with a small milestone.They should must check the profile and reviews of sellers before hiring.


When buyers will give importance to low cost then they will get low quality work and Upwork will be dye.



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Roy S Member Since: Jul 28, 2020
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Not necessarily Low Cost = Low Quality, all your Apple Products is produced in a Low Cost country (China) and it still retains Good Quality. There is also NO GUARRANTEE that High Cost = High Quality ok. Just learn to compete with the world giving your best effort instead of complaining too much.

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Lucio Ricardo M Member Since: May 16, 2018
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I have found Upwork way more serious than Workana, where a client made me work and never signed contract nor got back to me.

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Subbu M Member Since: Apr 9, 2019
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Here are my observations:


- Upwork has significantly changed its business model - by charging "monthly" fees for both freelancers (in terms of "connect" fees or monthly fee) and clients. They want to make money from either end of their  2-sided market place. What this means is that they do not seem to have a clear picture of who (which side) they want to add more value to. It's not very easy to charge on both sides of the market place & keep both sides happy at the same time. While it may seem to Upwork that they (Upwork) are covered because anyway they are making money monthly, it will surely not last as more freelancers / clients will quit if they don't see consistent value. Most importantly, Upwork is less reliant now on actual "transactions" between clients and freelancers and more reliant on "Monthly" subscription fees. This model simply pays Upwork - but does nothing for freelancers or clients.


- "Basic" subscription clients are no longer able to use advanced search capabilities nor are they able to invite more than 3 freelancers. This is probably the single largest contributor to projects drying up. Any client (especially clients with no long term relationships on Upwork) is unlikely to pay up front (in terms of monthly fees) without a guaranty that they will actually find freelancers that match their requirements. What this means is being "top rated" means much less now - as clients are probably not even seeing your profile, leave alone being able to invite you. (From my own experience, I am "Top rated with a 100% JSS (at the time of this write-up) - but invites are now only from the so-called Upwork "agents" - who prod you to bid on some projects of their choosing; not from end clients themselves.)


- On the question of "Fake" projects: I have noticed that a lot of the postings on Upwork nowadays seem like "job" postings and not like postings for freelance work. It makes me wonder if there are some "bots" or some "paid humans" that are copying & pasting some job specs from job portals on to Upwork. Of late (the last couple of months), I have noticed that almost 90% of these posters have not responded or interviewed anyone (whether the number of proposals is less than 15 or more than 50). That seems to be very strange to say the least.  Obviously these "job" postings simply eat up freelancers connects with absolutely no return (for anyone who has posted a bid). A simple fix for Upwork should be to return these Connects back to the freelancer should the client not select anyone from the bids. That would be an ethical practice for Upwork - otherwise it is daylight **Edited for Community Guidelines** & shouldn't last. 


In the end one of the biggest impact changes that Upwork can probably make is to allow at least newer clients to search freely for freelancers on the site - including for top-rated and allow them to invite - say at least 20 freelancers for their posting. If these clients do not end up giving any business to freelancers or to Upwork within a reasonable time frame, then Upwork can start charging them monthly (something like a "dormant account" fee). 


Hope someone from Upwork is listening to this feedback - I am going to hang around on Upwork for maybe 3-4 months - if the situation does not improve, it is just a waste of time being here.

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Ajay S Member Since: Sep 9, 2018
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Yes Appreciative.

**edited for Community Guidelines**

thank you

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Shamima A Member Since: Oct 18, 2013
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Subbu M wrote:

A simple fix for Upwork should be to return these Connects back to the freelancer should the client not select anyone from the bids. That would be an ethical practice for Upwork - otherwise it is daylight **Edited for Community Guidelines** & shouldn't last. 

Hi Upwork Moderators,

Is there any update on the above topic?

Upwork should also stop freelancer to submit proposal when it meets the number of Proposal Limits (eg. Less than 5) to save connects for them.