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Issue extracting hourly rate of hourly projects

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Javier G Member Since: Jul 15, 2020
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Good day dear Upwork team,

we are using your API and we have an issue that we need help with

When we extract hourly projects through the API we are not able to receive correctly the hourly rate info of those hourly projects

The values displayed on the upwork pages don't appear in the API response.

According to your docs, and after extracting records, we can see other fields being returned but none of them matches the value in the frontend of the upwork pages regarding the hourly rate of the hourly projects

op_pref_hourly_rate_min: Client preferred min hourly rate
op_pref_hourly_rate_max: Client preferred max hourly rate
op_low_hourly_rate_all: The lowest proposed rate
op_high_hourly_rate_all: The highest proposed rate
**Edited for Community Guidelines**
Has range 18-30 while the api response contains the following:

op_low_hourly_rate_all: '15',
op_high_hourly_rate_all: '50',
op_pref_hourly_rate_max: '0',
op_pref_hourly_rate_min: '0',

thank you for your help

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Javier,


Please follow the instructions listed Here under the section "Error Handling". Don't forget to include the information requested under the same section so that our team can investigate this and assist you further. Thank you.