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Andrew C Member Since: Apr 19, 2015
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Honestly, programming and web development takes a very long time to get comfortable with if you're starting from scratch. I struggled with it for a long time. For the 1st 10 years of my career, I worked at full time jobs as a developer and slowly worked my way up to more senior developer roles. At first, I was the junior programmer for a team. Luckily, I worked with many talented senior developers over time and learned a lot from them. That combined with me wanting to do this for a living helped me to get to where I am now.


It's possible to do what you want to do, but it's going to take a long time before you might be comfortable enough taking on programming jobs in Upwork. I like the idea others mentioned about working on a project you want to work on. I did something like that early on. I worked on my own website and then later worked on a game. I wasn't doing it for profit but because I wanted to and also wanted to improve my skills.


I really have only learned programming through doing it. I don't spend a lot of time reading books or taking courses. They never helped me much. I think it would be worth your time though to read books that talk about fundamental concepts of programming like data structures and algorithms as they are the building blocks if you will. Actually sitting down and coding is what helps me get better at it. That's why everyone else here is suggesting you just invest time doing a personal project in order to get some experience.


Good luck!

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Matt T Member Since: Jan 10, 2019
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Definitely do not just jump to going to a bootcamp. You might not enjoy coding at all! Then there's $18k down the drain.


You should start by working through some lessons at a few free and low cost sites and programs to see how you like it.


These sites are totally free and will give you a chance to get your feet wet.


Treehouse is fantastic for new developers. They have great videos that are very explanatory. It's only $20 a month. If you are interested in web development, you should start with their Front End Development Track.


Udemy has a ton of great courses. They have sales all the time, too. Pick up a few of the highest rated web develpment "bootcamp" courses for $10-$12 each.


This is a good one to start with:


And this one, also:


Actually, with those two Udemy courses you should have a pretty solid base. Do those and work through and you will be good to go.


Good luck!