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What is up with clients not hiring?

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Nikhil M Member Since: Feb 2, 2020
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But Get connects only When client "close" the job. and this discussion is for the type of client who doesn't do anything after posting job. Even they didn't visit that job.

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Anil T Member Since: Mar 17, 2016
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This issue is real , Everytime i goes through list of submitted proposals ,the 80 percent jobs are open with no hiring.One thing upwork can do is automatically closed the job and return the connects to freelancers if the client has not hired anyone. We as a freelancer are just keep on buying connects meanhwile the client gets the privilege of throwing our connects into trash.  Kindly do something about it or have you decided to turn the upwork into just a client oriented website? 

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G S Member Since: Dec 5, 2019
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When I go shopping for shoes, it means i'm looking to buy shoes and i'm going to end up buying shoes. If one store doesn't have what i'm looking for then i'll keep going to stores and eventually buy shoes. The original poster is stating that people post multiple jobs and hire no one (maybe on purpose who knows). There are many clients to choose from on Upwork (shoe stores) if they are not serious about hiring they shouldnt post.
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Muhammad A Member Since: Jun 20, 2018
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We do not want a penalty for Clients but at leat after a time period, Upwork must return connects to the freelancer as we have to buy these connects now.

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Nazia Rahman U Member Since: Sep 17, 2017
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atleast we should get back our connects Smiley Sad

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Dhaval G Member Since: Jan 2, 2020
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Well i would like to get my connects back from those posts which are not active since last 2 months, i have used my all connects 2 months ago and am waiting to be get it back (Not all of them as it is not possible). But i have been sitting and looking at project that can be possible for me to work on, going away as i  can not get any connect back and also can not buy new connect as i am not that very well earning developer too. Smiley Sad

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HARUN M Member Since: Dec 29, 2019
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Hello Meinda. 

I thought there post should be removed and the connects returned to the freelancer, some clients posts jobs with as much as 6 to 8 connects and end up not hiring anyone this is a good suggestion  Melinda m

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Humberto J Member Since: Jan 12, 2020
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I just joined Upworks, I'm starting to learn how to use the platform.

Melinda what I said is completely right, Customer has to be notified as well. It has to be a warning to give a signal of how the project is going,


for example:

- start on a specific day
- Freeze
- delete
- in analyze

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Andrew C Member Since: Apr 19, 2015
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In addition to what others have already mentioned, my experience has been that if the client responds, they usually do so within a day or two. I can't think of a single instance in all of the years I've been on here that a client responded to a proposal I sent several weeks or a month later. Either they are serious about hiring someone and they do it within days or they never do it. Not sure if this is true across all types of jobs, but it seems to be this way for development jobs. So I agree with the posts that basically say "fire and forget" the proposal. That's the way I look at it too. Send it and then never think about it again until they respond if they ever do. In development terms: Subscribe to the event rather than polling constantly for a response. It will be much less stress that way. Smiley Happy


It is true that many of them decide not to hire and just leave the platform. It is just what happens and I don't think they should be penalized for it in any way. They simply made a choice not to move forward. Maybe they found someone else on another platform. Maybe they decided to hire someone internally in their company. Maybe they changed their mind about even starting the project. Hundreds of possibilities like that. So there is no use at all in dwelling over this. They are not obligated in any way to hire someone. Haven't you signed up for some platform before and then decided it was not for you and left?


Is it frustrating that it seems like you are sending a bunch of form data to a black hole? Sure. But this is the reality of freelancing.

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Matthew T Member Since: Mar 2, 2020
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There's a balance, Andrew.


I think "no penalty whatsoever" is shortsighted, because while harsh penalties like fees or visibility or others are obvious and shouldn't exist, intelligent minds can come up with a useful system that benefits everyone without being too harsh.


For example, what about a trust factor, where habitual behaviours cause a higher or lower trust factor that can increase or decrease visibility or be combined with some other incentive to hire? What about some sort of reward, like build new features into the site and isolate them to specific users that have a kind of score, rating, or trust factor? What about financial reward, like a reasonable "cash back" system from Upwork that's balanced? How about different strategies for connects? One that is balanced and fair and benefits both workers and clients? 


These are just off the top of my head; given a day I could probably come up with many more and we could all have a good discussion about them.


We shouldn't just say "well that's freelancing for ya" and throw in the towel and have zero drive for innovation or being better.