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Zero Interviews

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SAMUEL I Member Since: Feb 8, 2019
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Is there something wrong with my account?
I have written over 89 proposals and my account was viewed just twice as seen on my stats page. I have tried updating my profile and it just seems clients don't see my proposals or just don't want to hire me.

Before I went offline from Elance/ Upwork I was top rated. Then I wasn't regular in freelancing for almost 2 years. I am back now very skilled in what I do but for some reason, I don't even get interviews. Why? Is there something on my account preventing me from being seen?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Clients may be wary of this:

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 3.13.24 PM.png


You can't hide that. There's nothing you can do other than to persevere. Bid on proejcts that you know you can do a great job on. provide great customer service. Study JSS. And bring your score up.


REMEMBER: Freelancers who maintain high JSS scores are NOT simply high-quality freelancers. They ALSO are freelancers who know how JSS works. Everything you need to know about JSS can be learned from the My Stats page, the content linked from that page, and discussions about JSS here in the Community Thread.


Do not contact Customer Support about your JSS. They can't change it. Only you can change it.

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SAMUEL I Member Since: Feb 8, 2019
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Thanks Preston.

 I guess I should take my hourly rate really low and bid for smaller projects first Smiley Sad

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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SAMUEL I wrote:

Thanks Preston.

 I guess I should take my hourly rate really low and bid for smaller projects first Smiley Sad


The problem is that your profile does not come across as genuine. Clearly the low JSS does not help, but your profile starts off super arrogant and borderline offensive. As a client I'd read as far as "I know who I am & I know why I am here. Do you?" and think "What an arrogant twit" and hotfoot it out of your profile.


There is nothing on your profile that backs up your claims. You don't even have a single portfolio item apart from some online cerificates.. A hot-shot developer has stuff he developed to show!



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SAMUEL I Member Since: Feb 8, 2019
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Thanks Petra!

That wasn't what I had on my profile earlier though. I got really emotional one night and updated with that. I'll do well to write up a more appealing about me, than an arrogant text as you call it Smiley Happy


I was pretty active on Elance and then just at the beginning of upwork, I had a client I met offline who preferred we handeled projects solely together and not through Upwork. That became 2 years of work which went undocumented. 2 days ago, I was contacted by someone who downloaded my free extension from JED - The Joomla extensions directory and wanted to give me donation plus work. I had to suggest to him if we had to work together, we needed to use Upwork.


Regarding my portfolio, After checking - I just realized all my previous screenshots of work completed other than the certificates are all gone Smiley Surprised


I recently deleted my agency account - I have no idea if they got deleted along with it. I don't have access to those screenshots locally anymore they were completed long before the merger of oDesk and Elance.


I do have screenshots of recently completed projects but how do you add those to your portfolio after signing NDA's not to claim ownership of the work done? I always strive not break my clients trust or be caught up in violations.


What about my test scores? Don't they do well to show I have knowledge in what I claim?

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Matthew T Member Since: Nov 18, 2017
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Preston, hit the nail on the head buddy, in addition, I would suggest you take a close look at your proposals, what are you saying, how are you saying it, are you being arrogant, are you addressing the clients needs directly and clearly, are you pasting or recycling proposals.


You're starting from a lower branch, no problem, make every proposal count as if it was the one that is going to pay the rent. If you do not approach proposals in a respectful manner, why would a client respect your proposal? 89 proposals, just saying, that would take me months to write...


Good luck buddy