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Spiritual flow

(1)   God
(2) Source
(3) Consciousness
(4) Illusion
(5) Myth
(6) Magic
(7) Yourself / Myself 
Belief or in pro words we can call it Thesim which is broadly defined as the belief in the existence of a something pure, spiritual, and supreme being presence. It is not and ever that hard to feel things around, like for a tiny example, whenever we are surrounded by people in our social circle sometimes they pretend to be all good and quiet outside but you get a strong intuition of something is going wrong in their mind which is eventually unspoken. But still you get a feel of a vibe. The negative one it is itself the way universe responds and guides our aura towards awareness. Same if we go deep with a digging intention of looking out more then these two eyes can see and heart can feel whole solar system is waiting with a story beyond imagination. The one who is creator is a living example of belief have ever thought beyond breathing, eating, sleeping! how things are working who made these facilities. The one who is shapeless but still has power to form air, water, fire, earth is carrying humans but who is carrying earth? what if it drops? it is not a big deal Pluto is not a planet anymore. Belief is god if you believe the one who is present but why are we unable to see him/her? why self-doubt is there? or it just a test belief is just like a plant you plant it,you water it, you take care of it and it grows day by day. Kailash is one of the interesting example Shiv is the greatest example of energy. Why energy? because the radiant presence the one  pure and positive entity. If we look at Shiv as an example, he is all in one and one in all.
He is a husband, He is yogi, He is a father, He is tapas- vi, He is aghori, He is the one who can recreate or destroy but is still master and creator of the third eye.Who taught him to be San-sri and Tyagi at the same time according to belief he is a god and above if he is the one energy what difference is their which differentiate us and him. Belief. 
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