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Hi there,


About two weeks ago I switched my visibility from 'online' to 'invisible' for about 4-6 days because I was engaged with something else and didn't want my clients messaging me especially when I'm on the site. 


Having turned it on, I've noticed that for over 7 days now, I've had 0 profile views, which is really weird (even while my availability badge is on).


What could have gone wrong? How can I fix it?


Anticipating your swift response. Thanks!

Community Member

Your profile works, i can see it.

Hi Mykola, thanks for taking a look!


I just went to check my stats since you just visited my profile to see if the count goes up, well it did! I guess the visibility feature had a toll on it and took a while for it to pop back up. I'll keep observing it for a while. Thanks.



Hello people, It would really help if you could click on my profile so I can observe the views count. Thank you all!

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