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A contract paid me $40 but it's showing $20 in my profile.

Hello. I've one contract named 'movie/series review writer needed' where the client paid me $40 for one milestone. But it's showing $20 in my profile. Will it be updated soon? It's been around 11 hours since I got paid. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Anika, 

I looked into this and I can see that the client increased the milestone released to you for this project. Congratulations!

If you check your Transaction History, you will see two entries for the milestone released for this project - both amounting to $20 each. Once the five-day security period is over, the payment for this milestone will be processed to your account. 

I hope this clarifies things! Let us know if you need further help with anything!

~ Avery
Community Member

Hello Avery! Thank you for taking the time to respond! 


Yes, I've checked the transaction history and everything is fine. However, in the 'jobs in progress' section, it's showing as a $20 contract. Will that be updated too once the payment is processed? 


Thank you for your time! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Anika,


Thank you for following up. Yes, your funds displayed on the contract you are referring to should update once your funds become available on your account. 

Let us know if the issue persists once you receive the funds for this contract and we will be happy to assist you further.

~ Nikola
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Maybe your client only released $20 out of the total amount. What is it showing here?

No he released $40 even though the milestone was set to $20. In the 'jobs in progress' section, it's not updated yet. 

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